Official Merchandise of The Last Daughter

  • Workplace Screening Licence

    Available for workplaces to host a screening of The Last Daughter (in locations other than a cinema) for staff, customers, and/or general public. Licences are priced per person, according to Workplace Type.

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  • School Screening Licence

    Available to screen The Last Daughter in a One-Off Community Screening (including parents & friends) or for Staff & Students for 1 Week, 1 Term or 1 Year. Prices vary according to School Type and Audience Size.

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  • Church Screening Licence

    Available for churches to host a screening of The Last Daughter in their own location, for their congregation and/or the public. Licences are priced at $3.00+gst per person with a minimum audience of 50 people.

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  • Community Screening Licence

    Available for Community Groups to host a screening of The Last Daughter (in a location other than a cinema). Community licences cost $3.00+gst per person with a minimum audience of 30 people.

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  • Screening Guide

    The Last Daughter Screening Guide includes tips and tools for screening hosts to promote a screening, prepare on the day, host a discussion and follow up and follow through with their audience.

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  • Screening Toolkit

    The Last Daughter Screening Toolkit provides guides, digital assets and design templates to assist hosts in promoting their screening. Includes trailer, stills, slides, flyers, posts, cards etc.

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